Our new home. It soon became time to move and increase our capacity. It's a testament to our work and the impact it has on customer’s businesses that a bigger space quickly became a must.

True to our mission, we did away with all the new, shiny buildings. That’s not us, reuse first.

This is why a refurbished slice of a 100-year-old workshop hidden away in rural Essex took everyone's vote.

In days past, the timber joinery designed and hand-crafted statement pieces for people's homes. From staircases to window frames, cabinets to doors. Items that were part of everyday life, designed to work and built to last.

It’s very humbling and a little intimidating to be in a place with so much history, somewhere that has pieced together history from all the people connected with it. As well as having a pretty strong story of its own to tell.

It's exciting to think that one day in the future I'll be looking back at our history, our achievements, the people that have influenced and been part of what I hope will be a special project.

Strong eCommerce brands have a story to tell, they are often about people and ideas rather than products. A genuine brand personality can’t be written for a business. It is written by those in the business and has a habit of spilling out everywhere whether it's meant to or not.

An important part of our work is connecting brands with their customers. Our goal is to meet the customer's expectations and ensure that their emotional investment on purchase is consistent throughout the delivery process.

To achieve this we spend a lot of time researching, finding the right language and tone to use on the phone or in messages, carefully designing bespoke packaging solutions. And creating workflows and templates to ensure consistency.

Learning about new brands and projects can be quite intensive and challenging. Some stories speak to our team more naturally and others take a little more working out.

But it’s worth it, high repeat purchase and referral rates contribute to a higher customer lifetime value. And a major part of the decision to re-order or refer is the fulfilment experience.

For us that means more orders, growing clients and perhaps more new walls soon.